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Good Morning!
Excitement mounts as we get ready to put 2020 behind us and 
although the road ahead will not be easy, we are feeling some
optimism about better days ahead and returning to more "normal"
days in the months ahead.  That being said it's going to be a long winter!
We are so grateful for the support we have received from our loyal customers
and know that you helped us get through a very difficult year in our business.
Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!
While celebrating Christmas and New Year's in Maine, we have been discussing the best 
course forward in 2021 as things are still very uncertain and the Fabulous Finger Lakes are
slow even in good times.  To that extent, we've decided that the Black Cat Bistro will be 
moving in a new direction for January, February and March.  We will reassess at that point.
We will be open Thursday/Friday 12-5 and Saturday/Sunday 9-3 for store purchases, beverages 
and baked goods only.  With the success of our Seafood Specials over the summer and fall, we've
decided to do a ToGo option over the next few months.  We do not feel that reopening the indoor dining
makes any sense at this point. We'll be in Maine each month, so why not
go with a winner?  This will be a "Once a Month Pre-Order" situation.  Our offerings will be packaged to 
bake or reheat at home. Some will be picked up frozen with directions for cooking, so you won't have to 
necessarily consume them immediately, but you can only Pre-Order Once Per Month :-)
Our First PRE-ORDER WINDOW is Today, December 31st- Sunday, January 3rd
PICK UP Friday or Saturday, January 8th & 9th
(If you have any questions, please call Susan @ 978.821.5709)
If you want to place an order please email Susan: susan@java-gourmet.com
Merritt Island Oysters 
These are farm raised right in front of our cottage in Maine.
Here's a link to Jordi's website.  Delicious oysters, great family!
1 Dozen to shuck at home $25 (Want more? 18 count $35)
Lobster Chowder (Yum!)
Brian got rave reviews when this was on the menu in the fall.
A lobster stock, Maine potatoes, sweet corn, light cream and lobster meat.
Served with rolls. Simple, delicious...as we like to say "less is more"!
16oz (2 servings) $25
32oz (4 servings) $45
Black Cat Chili
Nothing better on a wintry day! Brian is the king of chili...or so many
customers say :-)  Local, grass fed beef, pork, 3 beans, tomatoes, onions, 
peppers and the perfect spice...super savory, but not too hot. Served with 
house made corn muffins. (This selection is picked up ready to reheat or can be frozen)
16oz (2 servings) $20
32oz (4 servings) $35
"Bites" Lobster or Crab
A favorite year round! Normally, we serve "2" with a side.
Cheesy, crispy deliciousness! Great as an appetizer or meal.
On this menu, there will be 4 in a box, frozen. Bake what you need.
Baking directions will be included. 
(4) Crab Bites $20
(4) Lobster Bites $28
(2) Crab & (2) Lobster $25
NEED WINE?  The pandemic isn't over yet...lol
We are featuring a lovely CAVA from Spain. Fermented in the bottle 
just like champagne. It's great with seafood and nothing says 
Happy New Year like bubbles.  A great deal on a great bottle! 
*See attached
$12 (750ml)
PS:  We have a great selection of wines: sparkling, whites, roses and reds.
All available at special pricing.  Let me know if you want to see a list. :-)
We want to wish each of you a very Happy New Year!
Stay positive, stay optimistic and stay healthy :-)
Susan & Brian


We are enjoying our time in Maine and thinking about how we can 
share what we love here with all of you! Of course, the views I've attached
are a big part of it, but so is the SEAFOOD! We are going back to PRE-ORDERS ONLY! PRE-ORDERS DUE BY SATURDAY, October 24th!!!
First, we need to address the fact that with the weather getting colder, 
deck seating will be very unpredictable. So, after much consideration, we've 
decided that we will have to go back "To Go" only.  If we get a lovely day, you 
would be welcome to enjoy the deck during our regular business hours with your "to go" food. 
There are too many studies coming out regarding dining in, so for your health and ours we will not be offering inside dining.
Our new hours are:  Thursday/Friday 12-5
                                  Saturday/Sunday 9-3
***To Go and Shopping in our Company Store***
 Seafood Specials (October 29th-31st & November 5th-7th)
October 29th-31st ONLY(Thursday-Saturday)
Damariscotta Oysters                                $25.00 per dozen
Oyster Knife                                                $3.00 each
Les Allies French Brut Champagne            $14.00
These will be raw, farm raised oysters from the Damariscotta River.  According to Brian, an avid oyster
fan, these are amongst the best.  Oysters from New England are very different from oysters to the south
in taste and texture.  And, shucking oysters could become a new hobby for you during this extended pandemic :-)
Once opened  you can eat them raw (make your own Migonette sauce) or make a stew or Oysters Rockefeller!
We're also offering our favorite beverage with oysters on the half shell a lovely French Champagne.  It would
be great to have around the holidays, so feel free to order more than one bottle!
Lobster Roll                                                $22.50
(1/4 lb claw, knuckle & tail lobster meat served with chips and coleslaw)
Lab Vinho Verde Rose                                $12.00
(Previously offered and still stellar with lobster rolls!)
TOPO Tinto Red Blend (Portugal)              $14.00
This is quite the find! A really lovely red...perfect for the 
cooler weather and very drinkable across a variety of
cuisines.   (see attached)
***This may be the last of the "wine to go" we can offer.  We'll
know more 11/3, but order more than one if you are excited about any of them.***
As always, we appreciate your support of our small business!
You can order by email or give me a call.
susan@java-gourmet.com  978.821.5709
Take care & be well!



We are headed to Maine and will be traveling back with fresh, Maine Lobsters and Littleneck Clams!  Nothing says summer like a "Lazy" Lobster Bake (in our opinion) and our 4th lobster event will take place upon our return.  Book Now!    They have all been SOLD OUT ahead of the cut off date. 

Here are the details:

 When: Thursday August 27th - Saturday, August 29th                                                    Make a reservation on our Beautiful Deck or get your order TO GO.                PRE-ORDERS Only. Last Day to order Friday, August 21st!

1 Maine Whole Lobster , 6 Maine Littleneck Clams, Portuguese Linguica (smoked sausage), local fingerling potatoes local corn melted butter and Brian's "almost famous" seaweed salad! A true feast :-)              $30.00        (1/4 lb. claw, knuckle and tail meat - 1 WHOLE, FRESH, MAINE LOBSTER!)

We are excited about this events suggested Wine Pairings which are delicious and great values. You need to order one, but can order both or more.

Seaside Cellars Vinho Verde from Portugal     1liter (1000ml) bottle   $14    This wine has a citrus color & aroma that is a perfect harmony between the floral notes of Loureiro grape and the crisp citrus notes of the Trajadura and Arinto. An elegant, crisp, slighlt effervescent and vibrant wine. Unique and versatile! We love it! A perfect pick for lobster, a day on the Maine Coast or a day on Keuka Lake! 

Les Allies Chardonnay from France                 750ml bottle                 $22        Over the centuries, Burgundy has become known for being the best land in the world for producing both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This Chardonnay shows bright notes of lemony citrus and a hint chalky minerality. Medium-bodied and dry  with a hint of honey and buttery mouth feel. Perfectly pairs with shellfish and mild or soft cheeses.

PRE-Orders ONLY!

TO ORDER and/or reserve a table:

Email: susan@java-gourmet.com

Call Susan @ 315.536.7843