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Memorial Day Weekend 2021...Let's Celebrate With Seafood!

Memorial Day Weekend 2021...Let's Celebrate With Seafood!

We are excited to announce a return to delicious Maine Seafood Specials!  Memorial Day Weekend makes it a great time to celebrate! 

 HERE IS THE MENU:                                             Eat Inside, Eat on the Deck or Take Home...

LOBSTER ROLL (served with chips & coleslaw) $24.95

LOBSTER CAESAR SALAD (served with roll) $24.95

CRAB BITES (served with coleslaw) $11.95

CAPE COD (egg on top/crab below, served with fruit)) $10.95

LOBSTER BITES (served with coleslaw) $14.95

MIDCOAST MAINE (egg on top/lobster below, served with fruit)) $12.95

BLACK CAT CHILI (served with roll or tortilla chips) $9.95

ALSO AVAILABLE To Prepare Freshly at Home:

2 LOBSTER ROLLS   $49                                                                                      (1/2 lb. lobster meat, rolls, coleslaw, chips and directions for assembly)

Merritt Island Oysters 
These are farm raised right in front of our cottage in Maine.
Here's a link to Jordi's website.  Delicious oysters, great family!
1 Dozen to shuck at home $25 (Want more? 18 count $35)
9 Oysters Rockefeller (Ready to bake) $35
"Bites" Lobster or Crab
A favorite year round! 
Cheesy, crispy deliciousness! Great as an appetizer or meal.
You will receive 4 in a box, frozen. Bake what you need.
Baking directions will be included. 
(4) Crab Bites $20 
(4) Lobster Bites $28
(2) Crab & (2) Lobster $25
COLE SLAW (1 pint) $5

Don't Miss Out! 

Available Friday, May 28th & Saturday, May 29th 

BOTH MENUS ARE PRE-ORDER!                                                                DEADLINE for PREORDER will be Saturday, May 22nd

Orders will be available for Indoor Dining (Reservation Required), Outdoor Dining (Reservation Required) or To Go. 

CALL 315.536.7843 or EMAIL susan@java-gourmet.com to get on the list !


LAST DAY TO ORDER Saturday, March 27th
PICK UP Friday, April 2nd or Saturday, April 3rd
First, we want to thank everyone who has been supporting our Pre-Order Menus the last several months.  The feedback has been great !
We're excited to offer a menu that will be "purr-fect" for 
enjoying your Easter Weekend! Brian is creating a few new offerings with emphasis on delicious Maine Seafood!  
PICK UP Friday or Saturday, April 2nd-3rd :-)
If you have any questions or want to place an order, please call Susan @ 978.821.5709 or email Susan @ susan@java-gourmet.com  
Merritt Island Oysters 
These are farm raised right in front of our cottage in Maine and truly amazing!
We are offering raw to shuck at home and for the first time "cooked"...see below...
1 Dozen to shuck at home $25 (Want more? 18 count $35)
Oysters Rockefeller            $35 (9 ready to bake oysters)
One of the most popular appetizers on restaurant menus and Brian does a great job (I was the "tester")!  All the work is done and all you have to do is put your prepared oysters on a baking sheet and wait a few minutes!  Fresh Maine oysters in their shell and topped with sauteed shallots & garlic, spinach, heavy cream, parmigiano-reggiano cheese and panko crumbs. Oh so good!  Check out the carefully selected wine pairings below and make this the start of a great evening!
Seafood Chowder (Yum!)
Brian got rave reviews on his Lobster Chowder and due to exceptionally high lobster prices, lobster is going to share the "stage" with some other great seafood and the result is of course, delicious!  Local Maine cod, lobster, scallops and Key West pink shrimp (think spring break). A seafood stock, potatoes, onions, celery and light cream cream bring it all together. Served with a demi baguette from Blue Heron Bakery.. Simple, delicious...as we like to say "less is more"!
16oz (2 servings) $23
32oz (4 servings) $44
Brian's Smoked Chicken 
This time Brian is smoking chicken legs.  We've talked about it amongst ourselves and a few customers and decided to change it up.  We love the legs smoked.  There's more meat and they are juicer as well. The preparation will be the same as the wings. The legs are JAVA BRINED overnight and then dusted with our Pork & Poultry JAVA RUB and slowly smoked with apple wood until tender and "javalicious". At home, reheat to crisp up the skin.. :-)
4 Legs   $10
9 Legs   $20
Crab "Bites" 
A favorite year round! Normally, we serve "2" with a side.
Cheesy, crispy deliciousness! Great as an appetizer or meal.
On this menu, there will be 4 in a box, frozen. Bake what you need.
Baking directions will be included. 
(4) Crab Bites $20
A customer favorite. Susan' grandmother's recipe...a keeper!
16oz      $5
Carrot Cake $5 (per slice)
This is my specialty area and hopefully the oven repair will be complete and this is a go. Filled with shredded carrots, walnuts, golden raisins and topped with a cream cheese frosting.  A family favorite :-) ***I will notify you if this isn't available as soon as we know...fingers crossed!***
NEED WINE?  We've selected 2 wines that pair "purr-fectly" with the menu this week. These 2 wines are terrific and well priced. 
Vina Palaciega Cava from Spain. Fermented in the bottle 
just like champagne. It's great with seafood and nothing says 
"Let's have a party" like bubbles.  A great deal on a lovely bottle! 
Makes great mimosas too :-)
$14 (750ml)
Peirano Chardonnay 2017 Grown on our estate in the heart of the Lodi Appellation, the fruit for this Chardonnay was hand selected and HAND PICKED. 92 points from Wine Enthusiast and Double Gold at the San Francisco Wine Competition!
$16 (750ml)
Olarra Classico Rioja Reserva 2015 This red from from Spain is fantastic! Great with the smoked chicken or all by itself! 92 points from Wine Enthusiast.
$19 (750ml)
We look forward to hearing from you!
Stay positive, stay optimistic and stay healthy :-)
Susan & Brian