Thursday, January 21st - Sunday, January 31st
First, we want to thank everyone who has been supporting our Pre-Order Menus the last several months.  The feedback has been great !
We're excited to offer a menu that will be "purr-fect" for 
enjoying during the "big game" or to make your weekend a yummy and delicious Maine Seafood Spectacular.  
PICK UP Saturday or Sunday, February 6th & 7th
If you have any questions or want to place an order, please call Susan @ 978.821.5709 or email Susan @ susan@java-gourmet.com  
Merritt Island Oysters 
These are farm raised right in front of our cottage in Maine.
Here's a link to Jordi's website:merrittislandoysters.com.                         Delicious oysters, great family! If you're not keen on the "raw bar" idea,
here's a link to Oysters Rockefeller that would be super simple to make at home.
Let's face it, we're all looking for something to do during this long winter :-)
1 Dozen to shuck at home $25 (Want more? 18 count $35)
Lobster Rolls ( ARE BACK!!! Yum!)
Brian got rave reviews when this was on the menu in the this past summer and fall. You'll get the lobster roll to finish at home...fresh and delish.  The lobster salad will be packed in a container and our New England Rolls will be included with directions for griddling at home when you're ready to enjoy them!
Served with potato chips. Simple, delicious...as we like to say "less is more"!
4oz (1 serving) $23
8oz (2 servings) $44                                                                                                         
Brian's "Almost Famous" Smoked Chicken Wings
These wings are so yummy, it's hard to put  it into words!
Big meaty chicken wings are JAVA BRINED overnight and then
dusted with our NEW California Dreamin' JAVA RUB and slowly
smoked with pecan wood until tender and "javalicious". At home,
reheat to crisp up the skin...not your average wing :-)
1/2 Dozen Wings (6)  $10
Baker's Dozen Wings (13) $19
Black Cat Chili
Nothing better on a wintry or football day! Brian is the king of chili...or so many
customers say :-)  Local, grass fed beef, pork, 3 beans, tomatoes, onions, 
peppers and the perfect spice...super savory, but not too hot. Enjoy this as chili in a bowl or make it into a dip for the big game. Put it in a pie plate and we'll include shredded Mexican cheeses, black olives and green onions to bake on top...super tasty. Tortilla Chips will be included as well.
16oz (2 servings or snacks for 4) $22
"Bites" Lobster or Crab
A favorite year round! Normally, we serve "2" with a side.
Cheesy, crispy deliciousness! Great as an appetizer or meal.
On this menu, there will be 4 in a box, frozen. Bake what you need.
Baking directions will be included. 
(4) Crab Bites $20
(4) Lobster Bites $28
(2) Crab & (2) Lobster $25
A customer favorite. Susan' grandmother's recipe...a keeper!
16oz      $5
House made using our Greek Isle Java Rub and
Brian's "top secret" recipe. Super Healthy & Yummy
on raw veggies, pita chips, etc.
8oz       $6.50
NEED WINE?  The pandemic isn't over yet...and Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  These 2 wines are terrific and well priced. Buy now and be ready to celebrate with your sweetheart or your "fur babies"
Vina Palaciega Cava from Spain. Fermented in the bottle 
just like champagne. It's great with seafood and nothing says 
Happy Valentine's like bubbles.  A great deal on a lovely bottle! 
$12 (750ml)
Amore (there's even a heart on the label). A lovely, Italian red blend produced
by Antiche Terre Venete. 92pts. from James Sucking.
$16 (750ml)
Stay positive, stay optimistic and stay healthy :-)
Susan & Brian