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Memorable Cocktail Meatballs

Memorable Cocktail Meatballs


*JAVA SAUCE, sweet molasses and espresso

*Brewed coffee

*Your favorite "store made" frozen meatballs, precooked

This recipe could not be easier or more JAVALICIOUS!

I use a 2 quart crock pot which will hold appx. 2 lbs. of 1/2 oz meatballs (appx. 70). Turn your crockpot to low, add just enough brewed coffee to cover the bottom and than add your meatballs.  Let cook until heated through. This takes about 2 hours. Then, pour off any liquid which has cooked out and add 1/2 bottle of JAVA SAUCE and you are ready to serve after a few minutes to heat the sauce through. Keep your crockpot set on warm as not to dry out the meatballs too quickly.

For a change of pace, try the same technique with cocktail wieners or smoked sausages.

Other sauce options to try:

JAVA MOP: tangy tomato, coffee and a little spicy zing!

JAVA ONE: savory coffee-based steak sauce