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2 large baking apples (we suggest Spy, Cortland or Empire)



Core apples and cut in half. Then, peel apple skin down about ½ inch.
Place apples in a lightly buttered baking dish.
Combine all topping ingredients until crumbly.
Evenly, spread on top of apple halves.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake until apples are tender, but still have some texture, 20-30 minutes. Cool and enjoy! Serves 4.

This is a great way to enjoy apples combining the flavors of a baked apple and an apple crisp. The best of both worlds!  This recipe is perfect for entertaining and smaller families. You can even halve the recipe for “two”. Serve with vanilla ice cream and Harvest Spice coffee to complete the “JAVALICIOUS” experience!