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April 5, 2009

JAVA-GOURMET: The First Coffee-Based Specialty Food Company?

Keuka Lake Coffee Roasters introduced its first JAVA RUB in 2005. After the release of a dozen more products and a growing customer base, JAVA-GOURMET was established in 2007 as the first coffee-based specialty food company. At their first Fancy Food Show in 2008, the JAVA RUB Sicilian Citrus was honored as a sofi Silver Finalist. Since that time, things have been brewing in the culinary world.

There has been a growing visibility for coffee’s role as a natural flavor enhancer. National magazines such as O, The Oprah Magazine and Sunset magazine have done extensive articles on cooking with coffee, and most recently, on the Food Network, Iron Chef America chefs competed in Battle Coffee. These events have creators and partners Susan Atkisson and Brian Friguliette convinced that their vision born five years ago is materializing. The more the two cook and experiment with coffee in the kitchen, the more they believe that coffee will be the next rising star in the culinary world—outside of the cup.

JAVA-GOURMET is the original, award-winning, artisanal, coffee-based specialty food company. With more than 30 products to date, Atkisson and Friguliette see endless possibilities. Their products are based in part on family recipes where coffee was a “special ingredient” in both families. From braising a pot roast to coffee-flavored gelatin, a favorite of Friguliette’s mother, there was definitely a history to build on.

JAVA-GOURMET has taken those ideas and has created a complete line of gourmet quality products including dry rubs, sauces, marinades, brines, confections and more. All are all-natural, MSG, gluten- and trans-fat free; only the finest ingredients are used, there are never any preservatives, emulsifiers or artificial ingredients used. Additionally, Friguliette does all the coffee roasting for the products as well.

Atkisson and Friguliette are always quick to point out to new customers that while coffee is a natural flavor enhancer, a coffee taste is not created when combining coffee with savory ingredients such as herbs, spices and salts, which are the bulk of the product line. Instead, an amazing depth of flavor and nutty and smoky flavors emerge. Coffee also adds a delicious caramelization when grilling or broiling foods. Conversely, when you add a sweet component to coffee, like sugars or chocolate, you pull out the mocha flavor most people associate with coffee. Either way, the use of coffee in the kitchen is simply javalicious!

For more information, visit JAVAGOURMET at booth 5413 here at the Summer Fancy Food Show or online at www.java-gourmet.com. You can also contact Susan Atkisson directly at 315.536.7843