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"Bean Around" - Attache Magazine

June 1, 2005

BEAN AROUND - from Attache Magazine (June, 2005)

Having coffee after a meal is a common custom. Having coffee on your meal is not. That could change. Keuka Lake Coffee Roasters is now selling Java Rubs, dry rubs created by blending coffee with herbs, spices, garlic, and brown sugar. The small company produces four varieties: one for beef, lamb, and venison; one for fish and seafood; one for pork and poultry; and they recently added another rub for use on fruit and desserts.

The flavor, subtly perky, is evoked especially well on grilled meats, but also adds savory accents when broiling or searing. Java Rubs are sold in tins with heat-sealed tops to preserve freshness. For more on the rubs or on Keuka Lake’s coffee selections, visit: keukalakecoffeeroasters.com.