Why Cook With Coffee?

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Coffee is an extraordinary culinary partner. It is not only the "best kept secret ingredient" of today's chefs, but it was probably used by your grandmother as well. It has a long history in the kitchen.  You will be amazed at what the addition of coffee can do to your everyday cooking!

People often ask us about the addition of coffee into our entire line of gourmet specialty cooking products.  Actually, there are many excellent culinary reasons why coffee is a perfect cooking partner:

--Coffee enhances the flavors of everything you cook!

--Coffee helps to caramelize the surface of what you are cooking and the caramelization from the coffee helps to seal in juices creating tastier entrees.

--Coffee helps build and create a depth of flavor rather than stripping flavor as adding water in cooking can do.

--Coffee also helps to create subtle toasty notes and a flavorful mocha hue.

It is important to note that adding coffee to savory flavors such as herbs, spices and salts makes coffee a "natural flavor enhancer".  You will not experience a coffee/mocha taste as you do when coffee is added with sugars and chocolates.

Coffee in cooking is loved by non coffee drinkers as much as coffee lovers and no need to worry about caffeine effects as caffeine is broken down through the cooking process. There is no residual effect when ingested in prepared foods.

Once you start using our JAVA-GOURMET products we are sure you too will become a believer in coffee’s inherent cooking benefits!

Think coffee outside of the cup… and, ENJOY!