Study shows coffee drinkers have better memories ?

Published Tuesday, July 8, 2008 
by Deborah Barnett
A caffeinated drink, often thought to be unhealthy, may be good for you and your brain after all. 
Recent studies suggest that coffee improves the memory of women and regular drinkers may have long-term effects. Over time, women 65 and older who drink more than three cups a day had 33 percent less decline in memory than women who drink one cup. 
Coffee drinkers including Manda Ostoich of Muncie isn’t sure the study is true but said it could be a possibility. 
"You really can't know effects until things happen, so I would have to see more research on it to believe it one way or another.” 
While Ostoich is less skeptical, long-time coffee drinker Julie French of Muncie said she doesn’t believe it. 
“I’ve drank coffee for years and my memory has not improved greatly,” she said. “It’s the same as it was 20 years ago.” 
Men shouldn’t count on a memory boost from coffee. Studies didn't show an increase in men’s memory; researchers said the reason may be because men and women metabolize caffeine differently. 
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