At JAVA-GOURMET, we appreciate our customers and love hearing about their individual experiences. Our goal is to provide the best tasting, highest quality coffee-based specialty foods and gourmet coffees complemented with outstanding service.
Here is just a small sampling of the comments we receive:

“Nothing else compares to your JAVA RUBS” 
Deb L. Corning, NY
“Your JAVA RUBS are fabulous!  Eat your heart out Starbucks!!! They missed the boat never trying coffee rubs!” 
Carol E. Seattle, WA
“A million thanks for your great customer service” 
Klaus N. Little Rock, AR
“The JAVA RUB for Pork & Poultry has made some of the best, most unique and memorable dishes I have ever savored!” 
Karen S. Endicott, NY
“We marinated filet mignons in your JAVA YAKI and they were the best steaks we’ve ever had!” 
Stephen J., Boston, MA
“The Italian Espresso Blend is full-bodied, rich & dark-without being charred. My compliments to the roaster!” 
Jeff S. Baltimore, MD
“JAVA RUBS make the most awesome ribs we’ve ever had…better than any rib place!“ 
Jodi P. Rochester, NY
“Thank you for being committed to doing things the “right” way. I am always looking for companies that care about producing a high quality product and you fit that mold.” 
Mike G. New York, NY
“I’m not a flavored coffee person, but I’m totally hooked on your Tuscan Sunshine. We LOVE your coffees!” 
Dennis W. Winchester, VA
“The Fish JAVA RUB is a very good spice blend…great flavor and not one ’loud discordant note.’” 
Randy V. Winter Park, FL
“We use your JAVA SHAKE all the time. It’s fantastic.” 
Rick M. Huron, OH
“I have tried a few of your JAVA RUBS and have fallen in love!” 
Linda V. Winter Park, FL
“You are the BEST out there!” 
Joan S. Sunbury, PA
“Your JAVA RUBS make steak yummy.” 
David G. York, PA
“The best coffee I’ve tasted in a LONG time.” 
George S. Brookhaven, PA
 “Above average products!” 
Brian V. Endwell, NY
“We used you JAVA RUB on a London Broil and it was one of the best streaks I have ever tasted. Great products!” 
Doreen B. Lancaster, PA
“I made brownies with your Dessert JAVA RUB and the mocha flavor was delicious!” 
Sue W. Winter Park, FL